Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge seen from Pebble Beach

Ubass Player

I started playing electric bass about fifty years ago. For most of the late 1970s and early 1980s I was able to support myself with my music.

The changing music scene forced me switch to my geeky side and take a series of jobs in IT.  I worked for a few of small publishing companies and a couple of fortune 200 companies up till my retirement.  I was being paid to not play my bass.

Recently I’ve been playing a ukulele bass (usbass). This is a better fit for the acoustic guitar duo I’m playing with.

Uber Geek

While working at a recording studio in Times Square I demonstrated a knack for computers.  The studio had a Kaypro computer that I became fascinated with.  I proceeded to create a customer database for the studio.  I also wrote a program to print labels for audio cassette tapes.  Yea, cassettes now I know I’m dating myself.

After leaving the recording studio i worked for a few small publishers.  I really like publishing but they paid crap. I then went big time and took a job at JP Morgan and then a job at Marsh & McLennan Companies.  I have to admit, my geekiness paid off.

Timelapse Creator

I have always been an avid amateur photographer. I bought my first Nikon film camera around 1978.  An F2AS, a monster of a camera and more than I could handle at the time.

During the Covid 19 pandemic I found myself looking for things to do.  My wife and I are blessed with a spectacular view from our apartment terrace in Queens NYC.  To keep busy and keep from going crazy I started shooting timelapse videos from our terrace.  I find that time lapses satisfy  my creative music side and my geek technology side.