Brooklyn Bridge Deforum Render

Back in 2021 I created a day-to-night timelapse video of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. On that day I was participating in a timelapse workshop given by Emeric Le Bars and Brian Youchak.

More recently I’ve been experimenting with AI image creation using Stable Diffusion. I decided to try processing my timelape clips using SD. The Brooklyn timelapse was processed through Stable Diffusion running on Automatic1111. The Deforum extension and Controlnet was used to read each frame of the original timelapse and output rendered PNG files. These PNGs were then upscaled to 4k and then ffmpeg was used to create a video file.

Final Cut Pro X was used to combine the original timelapse clip with the Deforum render into a final video. Questions and comments are welcome. FYI – this is the first 4k video I’ve posted to Youtube.

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