Month: August 2020

NYC skyline seen from Gantry Park

Hacking Passwords

I think everyone hates passwords and they especially hate complex passwords. I’ve been using a password manager for years now which allows me to easily create complex and unique passwords for every web site that I use. I’ve been able to convert my wife into using the same password manager software and she has become …

Dawn’s Handmade Jewelry

It’s great being retired but Covid-19 has pretty much killed off all my side hustle of playing bass in a couple of bands. It also killed off my wife Dawn’s business of selling jewelry at street fairs. It’s just too risky for her because of her Lupus.   I’ve built her website to sell her hand …

cafe52 Woodside Webcam

Woodside Webcam
Looking toward LaGuardia Airport in NYC


Woodside 4th of July

4th of July
Fireworks in Woodside NYC.

Macro photo

Macro Photography

The Covid virus has created may challenges for all of us. I had been impressed with the macro photos that I have seen people take at home. So, while sheltering at home I started experimenting shooting my own macro photos. This it what I have been able to create.