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Lower Manhattan seen from NJ

Website Rename

Paul McCarthy near the Tribbough Bridge.

Hi all. I just yesterday changed the domain name associated with this website. I registered the domain cafe52.com over twenty years ago in 1999. It was kind of done on a whim and the web site was run on a Linux box at the end of a DSL line terminating in my apartment. Good times. The Internet has changed a lot since then.

I decided to change the domain name to ubassman.nyc to better align with my recent side hustle of photography and timelapse clip creation. This name better fits with my social media names. And, doesn’t sound like the name of a restaurant. FYI – cafe52.com was recently nominated for the “Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023” by lux-review.com. The site has never promoted or been affiliated with any kind bar or restaurant but I can see how the name could be confusing. Full disclosure, there is a latino establishment near my home on 52nd Street called the 52nd St Cafe.

I’m hoping to put in a bit more time to the site. Thanks for stopping by.

Timelapse Workshop

Timelapse workshop members

I’m excited to be attending an timelapse workshop with Emeric’s Timelapse and Timelapse Travels in Brooklyn next week. I’ve been following Emeric on YouTube for a while now. He is a master of his craft and I’ve learned a lot from his videos. I think the workshop is going to be awesome.

Hacking Passwords

I think everyone hates passwords and they especially hate complex passwords. I’ve been using a password manager for years now which allows me to easily create complex and unique passwords for every web site that I use.

I’ve been able to convert my wife into using the same password manager software and she has become very comfortable using it. Convincing other family members and friends has been a bit more difficult. Using easy to remember passwords is convenient but could be risky. Using that same password across multiple sites is even more risky.

I just came across an article that visually depicts how long it would take to ‘crack’ a password of a specific length and complexity. Could be an eyebrow raising read for some people.

Check it out at Digg:

How Long It Would Take A Hacker To Guess Your Password, Visualized