Website Rename

Paul McCarthy near the Tribbough Bridge.

Hi all. I just yesterday changed the domain name associated with this website. I registered the domain cafe52.com over twenty years ago in 1999. It was kind of done on a whim and the web site was run on a Linux box at the end of a DSL line terminating in my apartment. Good times. The Internet has changed a lot since then.

I decided to change the domain name to ubassman.nyc to better align with my recent side hustle of photography and timelapse clip creation. This name better fits with my social media names. And, doesn’t sound like the name of a restaurant. FYI – cafe52.com was recently nominated for the “Restaurant and Bar Awards 2023” by lux-review.com. The site has never promoted or been affiliated with any kind bar or restaurant but I can see how the name could be confusing. Full disclosure, there is a latino establishment near my home on 52nd Street called the 52nd St Cafe.

I’m hoping to put in a bit more time to the site. Thanks for stopping by.

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